Enable your current students to interact with your prospects by creating online communities

What is CollegeSpot?

CollegeSpot allows universities to build communities that enable high schoolers, college students, parents and guidance counselors to chat with each other or ask questions to the community.

College Students
High Schoolers
Guidance Counselors
Admissions Officers
College Community

Benefits For Students

College Search

Extensive database with statistics and information on all the colleges in the United States.


Step by Step guidance on the application process for US colleges.

Unfiltered Perspective

Unfiltered perspective from current students about the college and its members.

Direct Communication

Easy and fast communication with the college members, such as current students and admission officers.


Benefits For Colleges

Increased Application Rate

By creating interactive communities, CollegeSpot helps colleges to enhance how they prospect students. The more a student interact with a college and its students, more likely that student is to apply to that college.

More info about prospects

Receive analytics about engagement rate, sentiment analysis, geodemographics of your prospective students at each stage of the admission funnel

Targeted Messages

Our platform allows colleges to understand where students are coming from. By analyzing their geodemographic information, colleges are able to create targeted messages for specific groups.


Our Platform

Simple On-boarding process and interface 
Display the best of your college with the College Ambassadors.
Understand your students' behaviors through analytics.
Increase the engagement with high schoolers and parents by talking to them.
Easily build and manage your community. 

Request Early Access

The CollegeSpot Beta Program allows universities to test the full capabilities of our platform while engaging with thousands of prospective applicants. By submitting your information below, one of our representatives will contact you about the next steps.